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Furniture and Equipment; careful consideration of the activities required in each room should identify the items of furniture and equipment needed. To avoid compromises, the preferred layout options and size of furniture should be drawn within the plan of the room to ensure the dimensions and size are sufficient. If the brief covers furniture and equipment, strength and stability should be assured by using the relevant standards. It is also important to consider ergonomics for tables, chairs, stools and fitted benching.

Care must be taken to ensure that the chairs and tables provided are compatible heights and suitable for pupils using them

The quality of the furniture and the safety of students is paramount.

Below you will find a variety of specialised furniture such as:

  • Fixed Furniture

  • Loose Furniture

  • Quality Manufacturing 

Fixed Furniture, Carpentry & Joinery

A well designed and innovative workspace promotes a performance driven environment.

the quality of the furniture and joinery provided, and the standard in which it is installed can extend it's lifecycle cost for many years.

CARE Design & Enhance craftsmen pride themselves on the quality provided.

Fixed furniture, carpentry & joinery
Loose furniture

Loose Furniture

Designing and enhancing every environment with furniture to emphasise our clients image.


Our products design service, project management and installation on site are the BEST, Constantly Quality Assessed, and improved as much as technology and experience allows us.

Quality manufacturing
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