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  • Many furniture suppliers differ in quality and installation service. Note that furniture supplied as ‘High Density Particleboard’ is a sales ploy for chipboard. Better and stronger is MDF Board.

  • Hinges are usually the first items of furniture to fail and require maintenance. We ensure the quality of our hinges have stood the test of time within rigorous workplace environments.

  • Worktops vary : Laminated chipboard, Trespa / Solid Grade Laminate / Velstone / Corian. The latter 3 are moisture and heat resistant. Veslstone and Corian are acrylic seamless and look like a type of granite providing the environment with the ‘WOW’ factor. Trespa is very durable and more suited for Design Technology.

  • Loose Furniture : Stools should be skid based with a cantilever ‘U’ base to inhibit ‘rocking’; ergonomic and tested by FIRA (ask for FIRA Certification). As should desks and associated furniture, tables and chairs. Commercial fit-outs and School refurbishments

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