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In the hospitality and leisure sector, it’s understandable that the appearance and atmosphere within an environment is of great focus. We have the design flair to help in fitting out different areas of hotels, with an eye for what makes an appealing and comfortable environment for guests.

We start each design and development project with an overall analysis of the situation with client consultation, considering your space, your team and the style and emphasis of design that you require. Our work is tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each client and hotel space. With the breadth of brands and styles of product we’re able to work with, we have the flexibility of vision and range of solutions to be able to transform your hotel space into one which really works for your business, your brand, and your visitors.

Whether you are simply after a change in furnishing, bringing in a few statement pieces into the space, or you’re looking for a more dramatic change, our architectural and interior designers can help. Combined with an understanding of client branding knowledge of design trends, CARE (Design & Enhance) ltd can provide cutting edge ideas that keep your visitors happy and returning again, and again.

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